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Same Quality and Substance as our Rugs.

Sized to fit a horse (35 inches long x 36 inches wide).

Tassels on the back as decoration can be removed and this can be used as a rug.


Saddle Blanket or Rug -255S

SKU: 255S
  • Natural llama fiber is core-spun around strong jute, then hand woven into our finished product. Colors are all natural with no two exactly alike.

  • Good news: Designed for wear and tear! We recommend vacuuming with a smooth surface attachment periodically. Spills typically “bead up” for a short period of time and can be blotted and soaked up. If there is a need to spot clean, we recommend diluted, mild dish
    detergent such as Dawn or Woolite or baby wash. Your rug can occasionally be dipped and rinsed in a tub of lukewarm, mild, soapy (see above) water and drip dried on a fence or gateoutdoors. If your rug is used in high traffic areas and requires more effort, you may beat it or even hang outdoors and water hose thoroughly until dripping water runs clear. Drip-dry in the natural sunlight. A quality anti-slip pad is recommended for your safety if used as a rug and if using on a wooden, tile or concrete or other smooth surfaced floor.

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